How to deactivate all Etisalat services to stop deducting your money

Etisalat has offended so many subscribers because of undesired charges been deducted unnoticed and unexpectedly. Some of even subscribed to some Etisalat services they don’t know anything about, only to discover that any time your recharge, N50 is been deducted from your account even #100 sometimes. The worst part of it is that most times, people are forced to opt in to these useless services and sometimes people opt in unknowingly.

This has prompt Many subscribers to start looking for a way to STOP Etisalat from deducting there airtime with no idea of what we subscribed for. You can bear me witness that this can be so annoying. I recently wrote an article on How to deactivate all GLO and MTN services to stop deducting your money.

MTN Subscribers Read... How to deactivate all MTN services to stop deducting your money
GLO Subscribers Read... How to deactivate all GLO services to stop deducting your money
It came to my notice that Etisalat also joined the queue of deducting or let me just say stealing their subscribers money, sending them alerts about football and other services even thought if they don't activate for the service. so that is why i decided to write this article on how to stop these Etisalat value added services for secure account balance.

Thanks to the NCC for mandating every network provider to provide a means through which subscribers can opt out of any service provided. and now Etisalat has complied with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide an opt-out code to stop Etisalat from deducting your money or Airtime.

But sometimes It's caused by You Whenever you subscribe to any of the MTN services intentionally or unintentionally plans, MTN will always re-activate/auto-renew the subscription after validity or expired which you may not wish to do and it could be annoying if you want to use your airtime for other stuff. Its time to take action against this unnecessary charges and deductions in your account by MTN as a result of subscribing to one or more of their service.

Now Enough is enough, Today I will unveil How To Cancel or Deactivate or Opt Out of all Etisalat Subscriptions deducting your money. if you happen to be the type of people that don't like deduction of money from their account by receiving annoying services from Etisalat it's time to stop them by deactivating all their value added service subscriptions.

How to stop Etisalat from deducting your Credit

I have been able contact the Etisalat Customers support Center. The Etisalat agent gave me the best and quickest solution to fix the problem.

So deactivation is simple, all you have to do is has follows...

For Caller Ring Back Tune

Deactivate this service by dialing *251*2#

For Alert Services

Simply send STOP in text message to 224 to stop receiving unsolicited and annoying text messages deducting your airtime from the Etisalat network.

...Hope this article helps someone..

*If this article helps please share your Testimony. If also you still encounter any problem, please do not hesitate to indicate your problem in the comment box or contact me, and please don't forget to share..


Precious Ogbonyomi said...

Um I tried the stop to 224 thing they said it'll stop within 24 hours I don't know if it did but my money is still bein deducted

Adeseun said...

Bro...I can tell you there is still another hidden services deducting for Money... Try to figure it OUT.